Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beautiful butterflies

I've been having the best time crocheting up this butterfly 'rabble'*

For these butterflies I've used 8 colours from the Debbie Bliss DK cotton yarn range and had great fun coming up with the different combinations for each butterfly.

The Debbie Bliss cotton yarn has a lovely soft feel to it while having good stitch definition and creating motifs that hold their shape really well.

Hopefully I'll have some complete butterfly garlands to share with you all very soon :-)

* - according to wikianswers a rabble is the most common way of describing a group of butterflies.


  1. I love your butterfly's I'm having a bit of butterfly mania myself at the moment too :)

  2. Gorgeous butterflies. Looks like they have come over from the tropics with all those vivid colours ...looking forward to seeing the garlands!

    Amanda :-)

  3. Hi Jessica,
    So nice of you to send these squares and butterflies!
    Absolutely gorgeous and your little booties are out of this world! Best of luck with everything.
    Love Suex